Coach Cherie in a nutshell ...

~~ My favorite foods are pasta, bread and rice! I could eat those every meal, every day and it would never get old. It's really unfortunate that those foods aren't part of the CrossFit recommended diet plan! If only that was how you get that desired six pack ;)

~~ My least favorite food is CHOCOLATE!! Eeewwww!!! Although I will eat tootsie rolls and some brownies. But the way to my heart is with Dots and Pull n Peel Twizzlers! Haha! And pasta, bread, and rice. And wine, preferably white! Can you tell that I like food?! And I'm not even hungry as I type this.

~~ I have played soccer since the age of 7. I had to stop playing junior year of college because my classes were mostly at night so I wasn't able to do both. I continue to play in a fall and spring co-ed adult league though, so if you or anyone you know wants in, let me know!

~~ I first began my CrossFit journey in 2012. I was living in Tolland at the time and started at Brooke's box in Storrs and even WODed there with Crystal. When I moved back to Manchester, I took about a year hiatus and then started back up November 2013 at the best box ever, our box, CROSSFIT JAMES STREET! Whatsssss uppppp!!!!!

~~ My lucky number is 11. This has been my soccer jersey number since I was 10 and started travel soccer. It wasn't my first choice but it was one of the remaining numbers in a size small uniform. A size small uniform at age 10 meant sleeves down to my wrists, and shorts down to my ankles. I actually still have my first pair of travel soccer shorts and can wear them, just not in public because they've definitely gotten worn out over the last 20 years.  

~~ I have 3 siblings - two older sisters and one younger brother. My oldest sister lives right outside Providence with her husband. My younger brother lives in Glastonbury with his new wife. And my other sister lives in Manchester with her son. There is only 4 years and 5 months from my oldest sister to my younger brother, so we are all very close in age.

~~ My biggest fear is MOTHS! Sounds so dumb, I know! But I run and scream if they come near me. I don't know how or why this fear started, but I don't see it going away anytime in the near future. My husband thinks I'm insane!

~~ I have worked since I was 13. I started as a soccer referee and did that until I was 16 when I started a job at Ron-a-Roll. I worked at the roller rink all through high school and college until I graduated and got a real job. My first real job was doing Accounting at MARC Inc, a small non-profit supporting special needs individuals. In 2012, I accepted a job at UnitedHealth Group. I am still at the company and my current role is a Sr Treasury Analyst within Corporate Finance.

~~ My DREAM JOB would be flipping houses part time, and owning a CrossFit box and WODing for the rest of the time. The CrossFit part is pretty self explanatory - I love a good workout! I also really enjoy doing home projects and over the last few years, have pretty much completely redone our condo.

~~ My husband and I have two small dogs. Brady is a terrier mix, and is named after Tom Brady. Monty is a Japanese Chin, and is named after Joe Montana. Can you tell we like football? Let's goooo PATRIOTS!!! And the 49ers too I suppose.

~~ Something I had on my bucket list was running a half marathon, which I did last year in October right before I turned 30. I don't normally enjoy running long distance because I get super bored, but that was one of the most fun I've ever had exercising. I was actually a little sad to cross the finish line. I'm signing back up this year too, something I definitely didn't think I would be doing if you asked me a year ago.

~~ I just got married on June 10th. We'll be doing our honeymoon mid-September and we're going to HAWAII!! We will be doing a week on Kauai and a week on Maui. If anyone has recommendations on things to do on either, let me know!!

~~ I enjoy everything outdoors - hiking, golfing, soccer, obstacle courses, wine tastings, eating, everything. Our members should definitely do some activities outside of the box so let us know if you have any ideas for a fun outing!!

Cherie Dunn