James Street Challenge

The following information is for the use of the coaches at James Street Crossfit to evaluate your readiness for participation in our physical fitness and nutritional regimen.


Physical Activity Readiness

Name *
Do you have high cholesterol? *
Has your Dr. ever said you had heart trouble?
Has your Dr. ever told you that your blood pressure was too high?
Are you over 65 and no accustomed to vigorous excercise?
Is there any reason, not mentioned thus far that would not allow you to participate in a physical fitness program?
Do you ever feel weak, fatigued, or sluggish? *
Do you track your calories each day? *
Do you eat breakfast? *
Are you currently taking any supplements? *
Do you crave sugary foods? *
Do you often experience digestive issues? *
Do you feel a properly structured nutrition and fitness program would benefit you? *
Proper nutrition can increase the bodies performance by up to 80%!
Have you ever reached your fitness goals? *
Are you happy with the way you look? *
Suggestions: Body fat %, Desired Weight, Desired waist size, Desired pant/dress size, Toning, Lose body fat, Increase Stamina, Increase Strength, over all well being
What exercises are you interested in? *