All of our trainers are CrossFit L1 or above and have loads of real world experience, which means they are ready to help you become a better version of yourself! They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get you fit at the right pace.


Ralph Keleher


Sports Conditioning
Crossfit L2 Trainer
Crossfit Football
Advocare Specialist

Ralph has been involved with team sports and coaching for as long as he can remember. As a hockey goalie in high school, he built a reputation for holding firm at the back door—going on to coach youth soccer and hockey at the youth and high school levels. Ralph is as passionate about fitness as he is about the fitness community at James Street. 
Ralph’s CrossFit story: 
“I started working out at CrossFit in 2011 after being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a condition that put me at risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Simply put, I was overweight and out of shape. I had tried working out at gyms before, but I always got bored and never felt like I was getting anywhere. So I started a Paleo diet and joined CrossFit. Four months and 40 pounds later, I was in better shape than I had been in years and completely committed to this new way of life. I was so committed, in fact, that I decided to open a CrossFit facility of my own—combining my love of fitness with my love of coaching. I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives at James Street. Helping them reach their fitness goals makes me feel like I’m reaching mine all over again.”

Cherie Dunn

Functional Training
Crossfit L1 Trainer

Cherie 'Mighty Mouse' Dunn: 
Fitness has always played a big role in Cherie’s life. She grew up in a neighborhood of mostly boys, playing games of basketball, kickball, soccer, football and intense rounds of flashlight tag. She has been playing soccer for over 20 years, through high school and college and continues to play on adult leagues, and also enjoys going on bike rides, running road races, and playing golf. 

Cherie’s CrossFit story: 
“Following a severe December 2010 stroke, I was determined to prove to myself that I couldn’t be stopped and playing soccer and running at a globo gym weren’t satisfying enough. After hearing about some CrossFit program that would be physically and mentally challenging, I signed up for the unknown and began my CrossFit journey in summer 2011 at CrossFit Storrs. 

Having my fitness background, I was surprised by how sore and exhausted I was after my first short WOD and since then, continue to be amazed at how much stronger and fitter I become! The feelings of accomplishment, exhaustion, friendship, support and confidence are those that keep me coming back every day and are those that I want to pass on to all of our members by coaching them and making them even stronger, mentally and physically!”

Andy Alejandro

CrossFit L1 Trainer
 CrossFit L2 Trainer
Freestyle Fitness

Andres Alejandro
Andy is a bit of a sports nut—having participated in multiple recreational and team sports at the youth and high school levels. When he’s not competing, he’s writing his own programming and carefully tracking his workouts. Andy’s CrossFit trainer certification is just the tip of the iceberg, as he actively pursues further credentials, gaining deeper insights into fitness and the CrossFit community. 
Andy’s CrossFit story: 
“My brother introduced me to CrossFit in 2009. As a kid, I grew up on all kinds of sports from soccer to diving to break dancing, so the variety CrossFit offers was the key for me. The first WOD I ever did was 15 minutes of kettle bells—after which, I could barely walk down the stairs to get out of the building. I’d done weightlifting and endurance training before, but CrossFit was different. Even the environment was different—dim lighting, minimal heat, and a bunch of people sweating like maniacs doing pull-ups and using these weird rowers. CrossFit was like nothing I’d seen before; I knew I’d fit in perfectly! Eventually I pursued my Level-1 CrossFit Certification, which led me to James Street as a trainer. It’s been quite a journey complete with humility, sacrifice, friendship, learning and a burning desire to pursue a path not traveled by many.”

John Peters 

Crossfit L1 Trainer
Sport Coaching

Having been an athlete for his entire life, John is always feeding his relationship with fitness. As  an All-Conference athlete and a Senior All-Star in hockey and lacrosse , John continues to play both at the  club level while attending Providence College. He also  plays hockey year round with friends when ever he can. When not playing sports, John is consistently focused on his fitness, having been a staple at James Street. You will  often find him doing extra workouts w or hanging around the gym. He is currently on his third year at PC pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in writing. 

Johns Crossfit Story

"After high school ended and college came, I had no real competitive outlet. Club hockey kept me in decent enough shape but a lack true competition left me wanting more. Crossfit changed all that! . I had done  body building style training which left me looking good , but not really feeling fit. Ever since I started, I'm stronger, faster, and more durable than I've ever been in my life, and only hope to see more improvement."

Kate White

Crossfit L1 Trainer
Sport Coaching
Marathon Training
Advocare Specialist

Katelyn has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember. Growing up you would find her playing roller hockey, basketball or climbing trees. In high school she focused on Field Hockey and Basketball and went on to play Basketball at the collegiate level. Katelyn enjoys running half marathons and has set a goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states!

Katelyn’s CrossFit Story:

In April 2015 a good friend of mine asked if I wanted to run a half marathon. I had not run long distance before and did not know much about what it took to run 13.1 miles. I started to do research on  “Cross Training”. In May 2015 is when CrossFit found me. It took just one workout and I knew this is exactly what I needed. While training for my very first half marathon, I incorporated CrossFit and have been hooked ever since. Running and Crossfit became my medicine, my outlet, my therapy. My body was transforming, my mind was transforming, my confidence was increasing and my mile times were getting faster.The confidence CrossFit has given me, the friendships I have made, and the overall experience is hard to put into words. With support from my Cousin/Coach Ralph, I decided to become a Coach  in hopes to make an impact on people’s lives. My motivation is to transform individuals not only physically but mentally, to give them sense of community, and to make their goal my goals.