Why AdvoCare?

I have been into Crossfit and improved Health and fitness for a long time now.  I have tried and and experimented with  nutritional supplementation as an extension of overall nutrition.  There is simply far to much science demonstrating the efficacy of high quality supplements, resulting in improved health and human performance.

That being said, over the years I have developed my own list of supplements that I take and recommend.  After opening Crossfit James Street, folks started asking me what supplements I take and what ones I recommend.  This naturally led to selling my favorite products within the gym.

I’ll be honest, this turned into quite a hassle.  I opened the gym to train folks, not run a supplement store.

In 2015, after a number of conversations with a good friend and fellow coach, I took a look at the AdvoCare brand.  As I had always done with any brand I was going to try, I did my  research on AdvoCare.  From my research, I knew I had found a great option for  nutritional supplementation.

What sold me?

The Science.
The Quality.
The Leadership.
The Endorsers.
The Business Opportunity.

AdvoCare instantly became part of  our solution at home and at the gym.  Instead of carrying 4-5 different brands and trying trying to keep up with stock/inventory, I switched to carrying AdvoCare almost exclusively.

The benefit to our athletes was tremendous.  AdvoCare makes very intelligent ‘systems’ for health and wellness (which we always recommend first) and their Performance Elite line is an excellent choice for our athletes. AdvoCare is the brand I trust for my family, as well as my athletes.

Why AdvoCare?

1. Quality!  If you’re going to take nutritional supplements, take the best.  AdvoCare products are second to none.

2. Save.  You can pay retail if you wish, but you also have the opportunity to sign up for an AdvoCare membership and receive a 20-40% discount off the retail price.

3. Opportunity to make extra income (or full time income).  As a Direct Sales company, you have the (optional) opportunity to share AdvoCare with others.  Instead telling your friends and family about product abc that they then go buy at a retail store (and you get nothing for the referal), you can refer them to your AdvoCare site which can result in some retail profit our network growth of product takers in your organization.  Anywhere from a few extra bucks in your pocket every month, all the way to an incredible full time (even dream come true) income is possible.